For the last three years, MCBA members have built and operated a very successful wax dipping program. Wax dipping of wooden Beehive components is a very efficient way to preserve the pine boards that house our colonies. The process is basically heating the blended paraffin and microcrystalline wax to 230 – 240 F and submerging the wooden components for 10 minutes. The hot wax heats whatever moisture that is in the wood to steam and replaces it by soaking into the fibers. When the wax cools it remains a part of the wood forever.

We are now able to offer wax dipping sign-up on this website to the MCBA membership.

Here is how to participate:

  1. Open and print the instruction sheet. You will find prices and directions to the dipping location. Also contact information for additional questions.
  2. Open and print the Suggested Donation Sheet. Fill out and bring with you the day of.
  3. Click on the SIGN-UP NOW button and reserve the time slots with your contact information.
  4. The next wax dipping sessions are October 5th and 6th.