Get the Jump on Spring 2019 Beekeeping!


Overwintering a nuc (small colony) has several advantages compared to overwintering a full size colony or purchasing a Spring package.  Compared to a full sized colony, a nuc requires fewer frames of comb (8 to 15 depending upon size and configuration) and about half the amount of winter stores.  A nuc that survives the winter will increase its population more rapidly than a package and therefore has a greater chance of producing honey.  Furthermore, a nuc that survives the winter demonstrates that it has the genetics to thrive in our environment.


I am selling nucs consisting of 5 MEDIUM frames headed by my locally raised 2018 queen, whose mother survived one or more PA Winters. Other nucs have a locally raised 2018 queen whose mother is an instrumentally inseminated (pure bred) VSH Carni queen.  Each nuc has 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of stores, as well as the associated nurse and field bees.  I suggest overwintering the nuc in a total of 3 medium nuc boxes.  If you don’t have drawn comb available for their use, the bees will need to build (draw) an additional 10 medium frames for successful overwintering.  Expect to feed lots of sugar (50 pounds or more).  Instructions and guidance provided.


Summer nucs $155 plus $10 deposit on a waxed cardboard nuc box.


Contact Vincent Aloyo

Equipment For Sale

Medium wooden frames (Forrest Hill) with Rite-cell plastic foundation @ 3.00 each

5 gallon bucket Pro Sweet (Mann Lake) @ $40.00 ea

Apiguard bulk tub (barely used any) $50.00

ProDFM 3.5 oz (100 g & 10 treatments) $10.00 ea

Pure Oxalic acid wood bleach @$5.00

Vita Honeybee Foulbrood EFB Diagnostic test kit (exp 2018-12) $10.00 ea

Vita Honeybee Foulbrood AFB Diagnostic test kit (exp 2018-12) $10.00 ea

Fischer Portable Beekeeper Hive Scale @ ($119.00 value) @ $50.00

Honey tight 5 gallon bucket lid @ $5.00 ea

BetteBee telescoping cover reconfigured to cover 2 5 frame nucs @ $25.00 ea

Double screen board with 3 entry ports one each side @ $10.00

Wood 10 frame colony hive stand @ $7.00 ea


Email ( or call (215-534-6503) Margaret Zittel to inquire or purchase.



Local Nucs for Sale

Nucs with 2-3 deep frames of solid brood, beeing nurtured by nurse bees, THEIR MAMA, and adequate food stores will simply explode once installed in your equipment. Early April: 5 deep frame Nucs in non-returnable cardboard boxes. Late April: 4 frame Nucs from our overwintered colonies. To reserve your Nuc, we only need your vitals: name, phone #, email and # of Nucs to reserve for you. Visit 911HONEY.COM for more info and pricing

bottom boards
for sale

Screened bottom boards increase ventilation and may help with Varroa mite control.   Brand new. Email or contact via “contact” tab on my web site: $16 each.

HONEY For Sale!

Steve Amelang
Homegrown Honey
43 Skyline Drive
Audubon, PA 19403
(610) 666-6510

Priscilla Bonsell
Bonsell’s Bees
Hatfield, PA

Dan Boylan
Cairnsgrove Gardens/Apiaries
(610) 327-8217

Scott Famous
Mellibee Apiaries/VSH Queens
(610) 329-4399

Drew Shaner
(610) 473-8082