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General Meeting

  • 26 May 2022
  • 7:00 PM
  • Montgomery County 4H club and Zoom

 All speakers will present via zoom, so everyone will also have the option of attending via zoom if you do not wish to attend in person.  Anyone attending in person will be required to wear a face mask if required by CDCNo drinks or snacks will be provided, but you may bring something for yourself.

Mini presentation: George Balock  "The biology of bee stings and what to do about them."

Main presenter:

David R. Tarpy 

University Scholar Professor and Extension Apiculturist

Department of Applied Ecology, North Carolina State University

Topic: “Diagnosing queen problems: is it the queen, the colony, both, or neither?!” Practical advice—based on empirical research—looking at different symptoms and attributing whether or not the problem is the queen’s fault. A lesson in showing how we blame the queen way more often than it’s actually her fault.

David Tarpy is a Professor of Applied Ecology and the NC Extension Specialist in honey bees. Among other extension initiatives, his program runs the Queen & Disease Clinic and the Beekeeper Education & Engagement System (or BEES). His research interests focus on the biology and behavior of honey bee queens in order to better improve the overall health of queens and their colonies. His lab focuses on the reproductive potential of commercially produced queens, testing their genetic diversity and mating success in an effort to improve queen quality. He has served on the boards of the NC State Beekeepers, the Eastern Apiculture Society, the Bee Informed Partnership, and the editorial boards of the top two scientific journals on apiculture. He is a highly sought-after speaker for clubs around the country and is in high demand to talk about the research coming out of his lab.

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Serving Montgomery, Bucks and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, the MCBAPA is an association of hobbyist and professional beekeepers. Our mission is to provide education, hands-on training, support and fellowship in all aspects of beekeeping. Both experienced beekeepers and novices participate in our monthly meetings, field trips and social events.This is a good spot to place your secondary navigation gadget, like Navigation links, or Secondary menu.

Our meetings are held at:
Montgomery County 4-H Center
1015 Bridge Road (Route 113)
Skippack, PA 19426

General membership meetings are usually held the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 pm, but please check our calendar.

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