Time to get your Nucs for overwintering

Overwintering a nuc provides an ‘insurance policy’ against winter loss.  As you are aware, nationally, winter losses average 30%.  So if you have 2 colonies plus a nuc and you lose 1 you are back to 2.  If you don’t lose any, the nuc can be used for increase or sold.  I have a very high success overwintering nucs in 3 5-frame medium boxes (see my website www.vincemasterbeekeeper.com for details).

I am currently raising queens from my best overwintered hives and will put these queens in nucs.  Some are available now and others will be available in a few weeks to a month.  Please note that my nucs are on MEDIUM frames (6 ¼ inches).  Each nuc consists of 3 frames with brood, 2 frames of food plus a marked (yellow) 2017 queen.  Price $155 plus a refundable deposit ($10) for a waxed cardboard nuc box.

I am PA licensed (C2016-113, through October 12, 2017) to sell Queens and Nucleus colonies. As part of this program, my queen rearing apiaries are inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture twice a year, typically at the beginning and end of the active beekeeping season. I use no antibiotics in my beekeeping operations.

Vincent Aloyo, PhD
Master Beekeeper


Locally Mated Queens for Sale: $40 each.


Locally raised (Blue Bell, PA) queens, derived from my best winter survivor stock; mated locally.  To qualify for sale, my queens are installed in nucs and sold only if they exhibit a good brood pattern.  Limited availability. Email vincent.aloyo@gmail.com or call (484-557-4049)


Vincent Aloyo

736 Cathcart Road

Blue Bell, PA 19422

Need Bees?

Nucleus colonies with local stock and established queens are the best way to start a colony that grows fast and is productive.

Taking orders for nucleus colonies:

  • overwintered bees in March and April
  • overwintered bees and 2017 queens in May

All on medium frames and sold in cardboard nuc box.

PA licensed and inspected nucleus seller

For more information, contact Margaret Zittel

Local Nucs for Sale

Nucs with 2-3 deep frames of solid brood, beeing nurtured by nurse bees, THEIR MAMA, and adequate food stores will simply explode once installed in your equipment. Early April: 5 deep frame Nucs in non-returnable cardboard boxes. Late April: 4 frame Nucs from our overwintered colonies. To reserve your Nuc, we only need your vitals: name, phone #, email and # of Nucs to reserve for you. Visit 911HONEY.COM for more info and pricing

bottom boards
for sale


Screened bottom boards increase ventilation and may help with Varroa mite control.   Brand new and unused.

$16 each.

Contact Vince Aloyo

Items For Sale :

10 frame top hive feeder with super box x2 @ $20 ea

10 frame baggy feeder (never used) x2 @ $5 ea

1 gallon medium size division board feeder (never used) x3 $7.50 ea

10 frame wintering inner cover x2 $10 ea

10 frame mouse guard x4 (never used) $4 ea

10 frame hive stand x1 @$8 ea

Nuc hive stand x4 @$6.50 ea

10 frame moving screen (never used) x1 $5

Slat board x1 $5

10 frame imrie shim x3 $2 ea

Medium size drone trapping frame (never used) x2, $2.50 ea

Nuc introductory board x2 $5 ea

Medium frame Jig $20

Contact Margaret Zittel @ mzittel1@verizon.net

HONEY For Sale!

Steve Amelang
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Priscilla Bonsell
Bonsell’s Bees
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Dan Boylan
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Scott Famous
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Drew Shaner
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