Queen Rearing Course at Delaware Valley University
Taught by
Master Beekeeper, Vincent Aloyo, PhD

Make daughter queens from your best colony. Use your new queens to requeen nonproducing colonies or to make splits or nucs for overwintering. This two-day course will include both lectures on why and how to raise queens using the Cloake Board method. Hands on experience with grafting will complement lectures on queen rearing and queen breeding. Additional lectures will include how to setup a mating nuc and how to overwinter a nuc. Each student will receive a queen bar frame, plastic queen cell cups, and a grafting tool; if successful, the student may have queen cells to take home nine days later.

Intensive weekend May 20-21, 2017: Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 9am-3pm.  Queen cell pickup: Monday May 30, 2017, 6-8pm. Delaware Valley University is located just outside of Doylestown, PA.

For further information or to register, see: http://vincemasterbeekeeper.com/courses/

2017 Spring Packages

Pickup Saturdays, April 1 & 29

This is the 23rd year working with package producers in the same
location ۥqueen pedigree from overwintered feral colonies in PA and
Michigan. Includes 3-lb workers and Italian queen.

Pickup is five miles from Valley Forge, Norristown, and Lansdale
turnpike exits, across from the Peter Wentz Farmstead entrance, near
Skippack Pike (73) and Valley Forge Road (363). Join us for a package
installation demo at 2:00pm.

Download a reservation form or get more info at

Worcester Honey Farms,
2011 Shearer Road
Lansdale, PA

2017 Nucs for Sale

For 2017, I will have several kinds of nucs available, each consisting of five medium depth frames of adult bees, including three frames of brood of varied ages (all of which are offspring of your queen), as well as pollen and honey.  Types of nucs I plan to have include overwintered nucs with a 2016 queen raised from my local survivor stock, nucs with 2017 purchased Carniolan queens and nucs containing 2017 queens raised from my local survivor stock. These different types of nucs will be available at diverse times, starting in March.  For more information, go to my web site: http://vincemasterbeekeeper.com/

I am PA licensed (C2016-113, through October 12, 2017) to sell Queens and Nucleus colonies. As part of this program, my queen rearing apiaries are inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture twice a year, typically at the beginning and end of the active beekeeping season. I use no antibiotics in my beekeeping operations.

Vincent Aloyo, PhD

Master Beekeeper

Need Bees?

Nucleus colonies with local stock and established queens are the best way to start a colony that grows fast and is productive.

Taking orders for nucleus colonies:

  • overwintered bees in March and April
  • overwintered bees and 2017 queens in May

All on medium frames and sold in cardboard nuc box.

PA licensed and inspected nucleus seller

For more information, contact Margaret Zittel

Local Nucs for Sale

Nucs with 2-3 deep frames of solid brood, beeing nurtured by nurse bees, THEIR MAMA, and adequate food stores will simply explode once installed in your equipment. Early April: 5 deep frame Nucs in non-returnable cardboard boxes. Late April: 4 frame Nucs from our overwintered colonies. To reserve your Nuc, we only need your vitals: name, phone #, email and # of Nucs to reserve for you. Visit 911HONEY.COM for more info and pricing

HONEY For Sale!

Steve Amelang
Homegrown Honey
43 Skyline Drive
Audubon, PA 19403
(610) 666-6510

Dan Boylan
Cairnsgrove Gardens/Apiaries
(610) 327-8217

Scott Famous
Mellibee Apiaries/VSH Queens
(610) 329-4399

Beekeeping Equipment for Sale

Assembled Medium Frames-
Case of 20 assembled medium frames, Mann Lake #WW927
Assembled wooden frames with waxed Rite-Cell foundation.
Unopened case; brand new! Buy now for next spring’s need!
$50/case. Available in Blue Bell or at MCBAPA meeting in Creamery, PA
Contact Vince Aloyo at vincent.aloyo@gmail.com